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Did You Know That River Elf Makes Kayaks Too?!

River Elf opened for business in 2013 with our flagship vessel, the Storm Chaser C-1. Many ecstatic customers later, we embarked upon the development of a modern composite recreational kayak. The result is our sister ship, the Storm Rider K-1, which integrates many of the same design concepts that have made our C-1's so successful.

The Storm Rider brings an entirely new experience to recreational kayaking by coupling composite kayak fabrication with our lightweight, innovative outfitting system. Our outfitting system was designed with composite kayaks in mind and features our patent pending, Adjustable Synching Bulkhead.

Click here to learn more or contact us to set up a test drive of one of our boats. We are confident that once you discover the joy of paddling a composite C-1 or kayak that you'll never want to go back to plastic!




Storm Rider S-M Kayak - Available September 2015!

We are pleased to announce that the S-M version of our Storm Rider K-1 is now available.

The S-M Storm Rider was designed for average and lighter weight paddlers seeking a high performance whitewater experience. This smaller boat differs from the previously released L-XL version of the Storm Rider by incorporating a narrower hull, shallower depth and a slightly redesigned stern deck. The result of these modifications is a sportier boat with unrivaled acceleration, amazing handling and lightning fast surface spins that will leave you wondering why you haven't paddled composites before.

The Storm Rider S-M is also available with our super light weight outfitting system designed with all of the advantages of composite kayaks in mind.

Now offered in two different widths and eight different cuts, the Storm Rider K-1 can accommodate a very wide range of paddler sizes and paddling styles.

Click here to learn more.



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Who are we?


River Elf is a family owned whitewater luthier company dedicated to bringing you unique and well thought out boats and accessories. Every product we sell is designed and handcrafted here in the USA. We sell directly to the customer to offer you high quality innovative products at reasonable cost.

Our boats are solid kevlar and epoxy construction reinforced in all the right places and triple seamed. In addition, we selectively utilize carbon fiber, s-glass, and hybrid fabrics to fine tune the properties of our decks and hulls and engineer for the right combination of stiffness and "give" to create a very lightweight, highly responsive yet super tough boat!

We at River Elf believe that the future of recreational kayaking and c-boating is in composites. We are out to prove it by constantly experimenting to innovate better engineered boats. Come join us on the cutting edge of recreational whitewater technology!