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Welcome to River Elf!

If this is your first time to the River Elf website, we are glad you are here. We are confident that once you discover the joy of paddling a composite kayak or C-1 that you'll never want to go back to plastic.



What's New for 2019?

Released last fall, our new Storm Giant C-2's are starting to make their way out into the wild!

The Storm Giant is the first true river running C-2 to hit the market since Hydra released the Duet back in the 1980's. This ultra modern double canoe incorporates recent improvements in slalom design (like close in-line cockpits and a continuous rocker profile) with a short, stable, semi-planning creek style hull.

With super fast on-a-dime spins, good downstream speed, and at half the weight, the Storm Giant is River Elf's answer to the plastic double kayak with none of the drawbacks. Think slalom-esque performance without any slicy edges or pointy ends! Simply put, the Storm Giant out performs any plastic double kayak on the market today!

A quick note on changes to our standard layup in 2019...

At various times over the last several years, we have tweaked the details of our standard layup and assembly. These tweaks have been made to improve the toughness, cosmetic appearance and UV protection of our products.

One change that will be visually obvious on all of our boats moving forward into 2019 is the use of hybrid carbon/kevlar fabric in our hulls. We are now incorporatating some hybrid fabric into our traditional mix of internal kevlar and external s-glass layers. This small change imparts additional stiffness to our hulls (particularly under the cockpit) while maintaining the solid impact characteristics you've come to expect with a River Elf boat.

As a result, the floors of our boats will now appear to have a dark greenish-black looking hue instead of the traditional gold/yellow of our boats built in previous years. The black and yellow woven fibers of the hybrid carbon/kevlar create the illusion of dark green when observed from a distance.

Finally, and as always, we want to give a sincere thank you to all of our past and recent customers. You are the reason we are here and the reason River Elf continues to move whitewater boating into the future. Thank you for sharing in our vision. We are very grateful for your support over the last many years!



NEW VERSION! Storm Chaser L-XL C-1

For 2019, we have updated the original Storm Chaser L-XL with a few minor changes. This new and improved version represents the final release in our "Storm" Family of designs and brings River Elf's earliest offering into better harmony with the other boats in this series.

Check out the new Storm Chaser L-XL page to explore the improvements made to this design.

The older Storm Chaser L-XL has now been renamed the Storm Chaser Classic L-XL and is still available for order.



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