Boat Repair



River Elf does composite boat repair as a secondary priority to our main business of boat building. Drop your boat off with us at our shop or at an event we are attending and we can arrange to get it back to you once the work is complete.

We charge an hourly rate plus the cost of materials for repairs. (Note: material costs are usually fairly minimal unless the repair areas are large).

To receive a rough quote, send us an email with pictures of the damaged areas of your boat. We will then provide you with a non-binding estimate that should be accurate enough to help you decide whether you want to proceed any further. We will provide a final firm quote once we see the boat in person.


Please consider the following:

For repairs, the actual resin/cloth layup work doesn't normally take very long to complete and generally accounts for about 20% of the effort. The other 80% of the work is hidden in the items listed below:

  • removing old/damaged material
  • grinding and prepping the site for the repair
  • masking around the repair area to protect the rest of the boat
  • cosmetic sanding and finishing after the repair has cured

    Furthermore, if you are interested in matching the repair work to your existing boat color (within a margin of error), this can also be done but will add additional labor to complete.

    If you can do some of the prep work yourself, it may reduce the cost of the repairs.



    We usually ask our customers to be flexible with us on the finish date for repair jobs. New boat orders take priority over repairs and may push back the finish date for your job. So, generally speaking, once you drop the boat off with us, it may be several weeks (or longer) before we get it back to you.


    Finally, please realize that sometimes the cost of your requested repairs may exceed the value of your boat. Whether or not you decide to proceed may depend more on a nostalgic or personal reason than an economic one.


    Feel free to contact us if you have other questions or would like an estimate.