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Snap Dragon Custom C-1 Skirt:


Price: $105

Snap Dragon Design kindly provides custom built skirts for our C-1's and C-2's.

These skirts are made according to Snap Dragon's "River Trek" style and are sized perfectly to fit our cockpits. They are long lasting, rock solid skirts that provide a fantastic seal on our composite rims and will keep the inside of your River Elf boat very dry!

To order, choose your neoprene tube size and let us know if you need any of the modifications below:

Standard tube height is 13" but can be shortened if desired.

For women paddlers, Snap Dragon can also build these with their "Flirt" tube.

Contact us if you need help with your order.

We try to keep a few of these on hand so ask us about current availability. Otherwise, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Please Note: With the release of the new Storm Chaser L-XL in 2019, all of our Storm Family of C-Boats now utilize the same Snap Dragon custom skirt. If you need a skirt for one of our older L-XL Storm Chasers (built before 2019), please let us know as you will need a slightly larger cockpit size for your custom skirt.

How To Order