Custom Outfitting



River Elf produces a complete line of kayak and C-1 outfitting parts designed specifically for composite boats. For our customers who purchase one of our boats, we regularly do some/all of their outfitting as part of their order. Our rates for standard outfitting installation services can be found here.

Our outfitting parts can also be installed in most other composite boats, and, for similar fees, we can outfit your C-1 or kayak. Let us help you achieve your highest performance with a custom fit for your freestyle, slalom or other composite boat. Drop your boat off with us at our shop or at an event we are attending and we can arrange to get it back to you once the work is complete.

Beyond our standard outfitting services, we can also tackle your unique requests. Just let us know what you would like outfitted into your boat, and we willl give you a quote.

Check out our custom shop page for additional outfitting parts and premium appointments that are available.

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions or would like an estimate.