In-Stock and Discounted Boats



We occasionally have boats in stock that can be shipped right away. These may include demo boats, test layups, or production blems that are offered at a significant discount.

If you are looking for a new boat, this is a great way to save some bucks and avoid the wait associated with a custom build.

See below for boats that are currently available:

Storm Rider Kayak "L" - Fully Outfitted - $3200

NEW 2023 standard layup. Color: solid grape/purple with black grabloops.

Includes: backband seat (installed), adjustable cinching bulkhead (installed), carbon thigh blocks (free installation optional) and foam hip pads/shims.

~$1000 off the cost of a similar new custom order.

Contact us for more information.



Storm Giant C-2 "L" - Fully Outfitted - $2595

This 2018 test layup has only been paddled two or three times and is in excellent condition with only a few scratches on the deck and hull. Both cockpits come fully outfitted.

Additional pictures (when new) can be found here.

This C-2 is a standard layup with a solid kevlar hull and includes fully installed seats, foot pads, hip blocks, knee cups, strap anchors, and straps.

50% less than the cost of a similar fully outfitted new build!

Contact us for more information or additional pictures.



Storm Chaser C-1 "S" - One of a Kind! - $3800

Prototype Layup: premium foam core deck and foam core hull with spread tow carbon.

This boat has numerous cosmetic and weight saving upgrades. It has been paddled a couple of times and has a few scratches on the hull but is in great shape. Fully outfitted, 2021 build.

See more pictures on our facebook page.

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