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Fixed Position Stationary Bulkhead:



Price: $150

We offer a fixed position stationary bulkhead as an alternative to our ACB system.

For those who chose this option for their new River Elf kayak, we simply glass the ACB bulkhead into the bow of the boat as a solid immoveable platform.

As part of our build process, all River Elf kayaks include the ACB carbon pillar sleeve and anchors pre-installed. This includes boats for customers who choose a fixed bulkhead or no bulkhead - ensuring that all of our kayaks can be quickly set up with an ACB system if ever desired.

The fixed position stationary bulkhead accessory includes the following:

  • bulkhead assembly with carbon foot pedals.
  • choice of pedal size based on customer height (several sizes available).
  • foam pedal shims that can be glued to the pedals to create a custom fit.

We charge an additional $80 installation fee to do the glass work necessary to secure a fixed bulkhead in your boat.


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