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Composite Thigh Blocks:



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Price: $80, $95

Designed to accompany our Storm Rider and Storm Nymph K-1's, our thigh blocks will also fit most composite kayaks. Unlike typical thigh tabs that extend flat and flush off the cockpit rim, our thigh blocks curve outwards and downwards to create a cupped brace that keeps your knees locked under the deck without the side slippage that can occur with a flatter tab type brace.

Installed, our thigh blocks sit about 2 inches below the cockpit rim at the lowest point and curve back up and join seamlessly with the underside of the deck.

Two large neoprene foam pads are also included. These pads can be layered over the composite blocks and the underside of the deck to form a smooth, comfortable, and grippy fit.

Weight of uninstalled blocks is approximately 1.2 oz each. Both blocks installed with resin, kevlar reinforcement, micro balloons and foam, adds a total of about 4.5 oz to your boat.

Colored composite layup: $80, Carbon layup: $95

Note: this accessory does not include installation materials. If you need resin or other materials, we do sell install kits separately.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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