• July 8, 2023 - Inflationary Price Increase
  • November 13, 2022 - NEW! Premium - FDH Layup
  • June 8, 2022 - NEW! Spray Skirts
  • October 19, 2021 - NEW! Pearlescent Boat Finishes
  • April 6, 2021 - NEW! Premium Layups
  • July 7, 2019 - River Elf Storm Rider - REVIEW -
  • April 17, 2019 - River Elf Storm Rider - Product Highlight -
  • April 11, 2019 - NEW VERSION! Storm Chaser L-XL
  • February 12, 2019 - Read the Storm Giant REVIEW on
  • November 30, 2018 - Standard Layup Modifications
  • October 8, 2018 - NEW! Storm Giant C-2
  • January 1, 2018 - 2018 Price Update
  • December 27, 2017 - NEW! Storm Nymph S-M Kayak
  • Septemeber 30, 2017 - Backband Seat Now an Option on All of Our Kayaks
  • July 25, 2017 - USPTO Grants Patent!
  • January 1, 2017 - Better UV Protection with New Suite Of Resins and Pigments
  • September 1, 2015 - New A La Carte Pricing
  • August 31, 2015 - NEW! Storm Rider S-M Kayak
  • May 24, 2015 - NEW! Adjustable Cinching Bulkhead
  • October 13, 2014 - Production Begins for the Storm Rider L-XL Kayak
  • September 8, 2014 - Like Our Facebook Page
  • August 14, 2014 - In Stock/Specials Page
  • June 1, 2014 - Production Begins for the New Storm Chaser S-M
  • March 13, 2014 - Read the Storm Chaser REVIEW on
  • December 20, 2013 - Storm Chaser C-1 vs Converted Kayaks
  • May 15, 2013 - Dedicated to C-Boating in North America and Beyond
  • May 2, 2013 - Innovation in Recreational Whitewater Technology
  • May 1, 2013 - Open for Business - Welcome to River Elf!




    Inflationary Price Increase

    Unfortunately, we have finally had to raise our prices to keep up with the cumulative inflation and rising material costs of the last two years.

    Our last price change was early 2021. The new prices went into effect July 8, 2023.

    We have also adjusted and simplified some of our offerings. This is to help mitigate the real change in "final" price that you would incur when ordering a boat.

    We are working on some creative new delivery options as well. We hope to introduce these soon to help further reduce the "final" price of your boat order and keep it in the ballpark of the previous 2021 price schedule.

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    NEW! Premium - FDH Layup

    River Elf is now offering a third premium layup option for our Pivot C-1 and future purpose built river running designs.

    Our new "Premium-FDH" (foam core deck and hull) is our lightest river running layup. It features both a foam core deck and a foam core hull.

    For additional toughness, we reinforce the hull with an extra full layer of fabric (beyond what you'd expect in a similar competition style foam layup) and add extra material in the cockpit area of the hull as well.

    The total unoutfitted weight of the Pivot (premium-FDH layup) comes in around 21 lbs which includes full minicell pillars and our carbon shock absorber.

    The Premium-FDH layup is not available as an option on our creek boats.

    See our boat order page for more details.

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    NEW! Spray Skirts

    River Elf is now making both kayak and C-1 spray skirts designed to fit our composite rims. Our skirts feature a flat euro-style deck with a sewn bungee and highly customizable tubes sized to your individual torso.

    In support of the greater C-Boating community, we are also offering an additional selection of skirts designed for modern and legacy C-1's alike:

    Do you need a skirt for a vintage slalom or squirt C-1 that requires a small deck? A medium deck skirt for a modern slalom C-1? Or maybe a skirt for that classic plastic C-1 that's been sitting in your garage? We can probably help!

    See our products page for more details.

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    NEW! Pearlescent Boat Finishes

    We are now offering pearlescent and iridescent boat finishes that mimic a "metallic" look - think: "candy apple red", "white pearl", "lake placid blue", "shamrock green", or "copper".

    These special sparkly finishes can be created from any of our base colors and mixed to your specification. If you can imagine it, we can probably do it. If you are interested in this style finish, let us know when you place your order.

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    NEW! Premium Layups

    River Elf is now offering two new premium layups for all of our boats. These new layup options simplify and replace the various custom builds that many of our customers have purchased in the past. We start with our tried and true "Standard" layup that has been refined and improved over the years and take it one step further to create our strongest boats yet!

    Our new "Premium" layup incorporates additional fabric in both the deck and hull for extreme stiffness, better impact resistance and enhanced abrasion capacity with a similar weight as our "Standard" layup.

    Our new "Premium-FD" (foam deck) pairs our "Premium" hull with a very light and stiff foam core deck that weighs a little less than our "Standard" layup.

    See our boat order page for more details.

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    River Elf Storm Rider - REVIEW -

    Read Albert Romvari's review of the River Elf Storm Rider Kayak on the Unsponsored website!

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    River Elf Storm Rider - Product Highlight -

    Thanks to Unsponsored for the Storm Rider Kayak press highlight. Click here to read.

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    NEW VERSION! Storm Chaser L-XL

    For 2019, we have updated the original Storm Chaser L-XL with a few minor changes. This new and improved version represents the final release in our "Storm" Family of designs and brings River Elf's earliest offering into better harmony with the other boats in this series.

    Check out the new Storm Chaser L-XL page to explore the improvements made to this design.

    The older Storm Chaser L-XL has now been renamed the Storm Chaser Classic L-XL and is still available for order.

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    River Elf Storm Giant C-2 - REVIEW -

    Click here to read the Storm Giant review on

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    Standard Layup Modifications

    At various times over the last several years, we have tweaked the details of our standard layup and assembly. These tweaks have been made to improve the toughness, cosmetic appearance and UV protection of our products.

    One change that will be visually obvious on all of our boats moving forward into 2019 is the use of hybrid carbon/kevlar fabric in our hulls. We are now incorporatating some hybrid fabric into our traditional mix of internal kevlar and external s-glass layers. This small change imparts additional stiffness to our hulls (particularly under the cockpit) while maintaining the solid impact characteristics you've come to expect with a River Elf boat.

    As a result, the floors of our boats will now appear to have a dark greenish-black looking hue instead of the traditional gold/yellow of our boats built in previous years. The black and yellow woven fibers of the hybrid carbon/kevlar create the illusion of dark green when observed from a distance.

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    NEW! Storm Giant C-2

    After lots of customer interest over the years, we are happy to finally annouce the release of the Storm Giant C-2.

    The Storm Giant is the first true river running C-2 to hit the market since Hydra released the Duet back in the 1980's. This ultra modern double canoe incorporates recent improvements in slalom design (like close in-line cockpits and a continuous rocker profile) with a short, stable, semi-planning creek style hull.

    With super fast on-a-dime spins, good downstream speed, and at half the weight, the Storm Giant is River Elf's answer to the plastic double kayak with none of the drawbacks. Think slalom-esque performance without any slicy edges or pointy ends! Simply put, the Storm Giant out performs any plastic double kayak on the market today!

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    2018 Price Update

    We have recently updated our prices effective January 1, 2018.

    Except for a few items, most of our accessory prices have remained unchanged. However, we have added a small increase to our boat prices to reflect higher material costs. The last change was September 2015.

    A couple of other changes to take note of:

    We are no longer offering our basic layup boat, overspray designs, or third color seams.

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    NEW! Storm Nymph S-M Kayak

    We are happy to announce the release of our latest kayak design - the Storm Nymph! It is now available for ordering and can be set up with any of our kayak outfitting parts.

    The Storm Nymph was developed for the smaller paddler seeking a high performance whitewater experience. This boat is shorter than our previously released Storm Rider and incorporates a narrower hull, shallower depth, and a smaller cockpit. The result of these modifications is a boat that is an ideal size for those between 5' 0" and 5' 8" in height. The unrivaled acceleration, amazing handling and lightning fast surface spins will leave you wondering why you haven't paddled composites before.

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    Backband Seat Now an Option on All of our Kayaks

    We are now offering a carbon backless seat as an option in all of our kayaks. This new seat can be fitted with virtually any backband system. The Immersion Research Reggie Backband is a nice choice and can be set up as part of your custom kayak order.

    You now have two seat choices with all of our kayaks: a carbon bucket seat or a carbon backband seat.

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    USPTO Grants Patent!

    Today the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted and issued the patent for our "Adjustable And Cinchable Floating Bulkhead System For A Kayak" - Patent # US 9,714,077 B2. We are pleased to continue to offer our ACB System as an option on all of our kayaks but now with the official patented designation!

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    Better UV Protection with New Suite Of Resins and Pigments

    After testing a large variety of paints, coatings and gelcoats in 2016, we are now happy to introduce a new suite of epoxy resin and family of pigments that enchance the UV resistance of our boats and accessories. As of January 1, 2017, we will now be using this new system as the matrix in our composite products. Furthermore, a broader and more vibrant range of colors are also now available.

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    New A La Carte Pricing

    We have recently updated our pricing structure to a simpler a la carte menu. Each boat design now has it's own price list and outfitting selection guide. You can order your boat unoutfitted, add outfitting parts that you install yourself, or have us do some or all of the outfitting for you. See our boat order page for more information.

    The prices ranges now shown on our website may look a little different too. These price ranges reflect the difference between ordering a boat that is empty and unoutfitted vs having a boat that is ready to hit the water upon arrival.

    In general, our prices have remained unchanged except for the following: our basic layup boat is a little more expensive now (but comes standard with a carbon shock absorber), we charge an additional price for overspray designs and third color seams, and we have added a small charge to cover packaging material for shipping.

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    NEW! Storm Rider S-M Kayak

    We are pleased to announce that the S-M version of our Storm Rider K-1 is now available.

    The S-M Storm Rider was designed for average and lighter weight paddlers seeking a high performance whitewater experience. This smaller boat differs from the previously released L-XL version of the Storm Rider by incorporating a narrower hull, shallower depth and a slightly redesigned stern deck. The result of these modifications is a sportier boat with unrivaled acceleration, amazing handling and lightning fast surface spins that will leave you wondering why you haven't paddled composites before.

    The Storm Rider S-M is also available with our super light weight outfitting system designed with all of the advantages of composite kayaks in mind.

    Now offered in two different widths and eight different cuts, the Storm Rider K-1 can accommodate a very wide range of paddler sizes and paddling styles.

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    NEW! Adjustable Cinching Bulkhead

    At the heart of our standard K-1 outfitting system is our NEW patent pending Adjustable Cinching Bulkhead. Designed with composite kayaks in mind, our ACB foot rest assembly offers bulkhead functionality and adjustability in a very light weight package. Foot rest systems designed for plastic kayaks typically employ metal rails screwed into the side of the hull to support the bulkhead. Our system uses flexible webbing and a floating bulkhead to accomplish the same task.

    Using flexible straps as the support mechanism allows the bulkhead to be adjusted “on the fly” while remaining seated in the boat. Imagine being able to pop your skirt, reach into your boat and loosen the tension on your foot rest to stretch your legs during a flat water section between rapids. The bulkhead snaps backwards into the boat when the straps loosen. When the next rapid approaches, pull the straps (cinching your bulkhead back tight into place) and secure your skirt back to the rim. Voila, you’re ready to go again - all of this without ever having to exit the boat!!

    If someone wants to try your boat, it’s easy for them to hop in and adjust the bulkhead to their leg length – creating an immediate custom fit without ever having to fool with tools or disassembly. Our ACB system also has the added benefit of utilizing a full size minicell pillar in the bow for maximum support of the deck and hull.

    Our Adjustable Cinching Bulkhead System is now available as an option on our Storm Rider K-1 and comes fully installed upon delivery.

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    Production Begins for the Storm Rider L-XL Kayak

    River Elf is pleased to announce the release of our first kayak, the Storm Rider L-XL! The Storm Rider K-1 is the sister ship to our popular Storm Chaser C-1 featuring smooth rounded chines and a similar flattish hull with a continuous rocker profile. The unoutfitted version is now available for sale through our website. Contact us for details!

    Click here to learn more about the Storm Rider K-1!

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    Like Our Facebook Page

    We are now on Facebook. Click here to like our page and follow us for timely news and information.

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    In Stock/Specials Page

    Introducing our new in stock/specials page where you can find brand new, ready-to-ship boats and discounted prices on special items.

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    Production Begins for the New Storm Chaser S-M

    After a few months delay, the narrow version of the Storm Chaser is now available. We removed 3/4" from the wider version, shrunk the cockpit slightly, lengthened the stern deck and flattened the bow hull a bit. The result is a faster boat than the L-XL version with only a slight decrease in stability. The River Elf Storm Chaser is now available in two different widths and eight different cuts that can accommodate a very wide range of paddler sizes and paddling styles.

    Click here to learn more about the new boat.

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    Read the Storm Chaser REVIEW on

    Click on the link below to read the review on for the River Elf Storm Chaser C-1:

    storm chaser review on

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    Storm Chaser C-1 vs Converted Kayaks

    What makes the Storm Chaser a better choice than paddling a converted kayak?

    Kayak hulls are designed to optimize the advantages of kayaking not canoeing. Whether or not a plastic kayak will convert "adequately well" to a C-1 is purely by accident and of little concern to modern plastic kayak manufacturers. At River Elf, we understand there is a difference and design for the unique requirements of c-boating.

    Kayak hulls facilitate greater downstream speed by taking advantage of a kayaker's lower center of gravity and utilizing narrower hulls. C-1's have a higher center of gravity and thus require a wider boat to create similar stability in whitewater. The Storm Chaser is offered in two generous and forgiving hull widths of 27 and 27.75 inches (28 inches as of 2019).

    Furthermore, the point of rotation in a kayak is usually somewhere between the seat and the outstretched legs of the paddler and as such the widest point of most kayak hulls is located in the center of the boat along the long axis. This position is not ideal for a C-1.

    Unlike a converted kayak hull, the widest point of the Storm Chaser is located just behind the cockpit. This position allows for a very stable platform when boofing and executing spins off the stern. You can confidently lean back to loosen the bow and the Storm Chaser will spin with incredible ease. As a further advantage, locating the maximum width behind the cockpit creates a longer bow chine compared to what is possible in a converted kayak. This makes the Storm Chaser track and maintain glide better than a similar length kayak to C-1 conversion.

    When it comes to acceleration, there’s simply no contest. Plastic kayak to C-1 conversions are just down right sluggish! The Storm Chaser, on the other hand, gets up to speed from a dead stop quickly and with very little effort. Furthermore, when it looks like you are about to get in a jam, one stroke and the Storm Chaser quickly propels you out of harms way.

    Finally, C-boaters will love the low profile bow deck when crossing to the offside and the smaller circular cockpit - yeah, you'll need a C-1 skirt for this boat but hey that's a plus - no more squeezing your knees up under the front of a narrow kayak cockpit.

    The Storm Chaser is super easy to paddle, nimble and responds with amazing predictability. Come take a test drive and you'll see that the Storm Chaser paddles like a C-1 should - because it is a C-1. You won't ever want to get in a converted plastic kayak again!

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    Dedicated to C-Boating in North America and Beyond

    For a decade or more, the needs of c-boaters have been largely ignored by the major kayak companies. In years past, a beginner could go to their local outfitter and actually try out a real C-1 and even choose between several different models offered by various manufacturers. Today, this is not the case.

    Instead, the art of C-1 has been relegated to some sort of backwoods franken-boating. Single-bladers have been forced to make do with retrofitting plastic kayak hulls into ill-suited craft that seem more like an odd fringe activity than a proper class unto themselves. One would almost think that this era was the "beginning" of c-boating as a sport. It's a shame.

    That's why at River Elf, we have designed the first modern recreational C-1 in more than 15 years. A real C-1 designed by c-boaters with a modern flair. Our Storm Chaser C-1 creek boat combines the peculiar design requirements of a C-1 with modern hull concepts. We feel confident that you will fall in love with the predictable handling and unique features of our new boat. The Storm Chaser paddles like a C-1 should, and modern generation kayak-to-c-boat converters will finally see what they've been missing out on. This is just the beginning. At River Elf we understand the sheer pleasure of paddling a C-1 and are calling for a c-boat renaissance. Come join us!

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    Innovation in Recreational Whitewater Technology

    Once you paddle a composite boat on a regular basis, it's difficult to ever go back to plastic.

    Composite boats generally weigh 50% less than an equivalent sized polyethylene boat. They accelerate faster, and respond much quicker and easier to your every stroke on the river. There's just no comparison. And as you trek back to your car at the end of a fun day, you'll be smiling when you throw your 24 lb boat over your shoulder while your buddies are left doing the 50 lb grab-loop-grip-and-drag.

    We at River Elf decided a long time ago that we can't go back. We simply refuse to paddle plastic boats.

    Our boats are solid kevlar and epoxy construction reinforced in all the right places and triple seamed. In addition, we selectively utilize carbon fiber, s-glass, and hybrid fabrics to fine tune the properties of our decks and hulls and engineer for the right combination of stiffness and "give" to create a very lightweight, highly responsive yet super tough boat!

    But we aren't stopping there. We believe that the future of recreational kayaking and c-boating is in composites and we are out to prove it by constantly experimenting to innovate better engineered boats.

    Come join us on the cutting edge of recreational whitewater technology!

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    Open For Business - Welcome to River Elf!

    River Elf is a family owned whitewater luthier company dedicated to bringing you unique and well thought out boats and accessories. Every product we sell is designed and handcrafted in the USA. We sell directly to the customer to offer you high quality innovative products at reasonable cost.

    We are glad you are here!

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